Trouble with Qlikview Scripting?? Look at this!

I recently discovered this ingenious open source scripting components for Qlikview.  It allows for easier scripting of Master calendars with much more capabilities.

I was posed with a problem at working for allowing our end users to easily create master calendars for the own Dashboards but they need to have the ability to use our Fiscal calendar instead of a standard calendar.  I extended the Qlikview component scripts by creating my own calendar function that easily replicates our fiscal calendar business rules.

So now all the end users need to do is to include my dupre.qvs file and then use the call Dupre.FiscalCalendar.

Here is an example of call being used:


Here is the QVS:


For those wanting additional information on the qlikview components, check out their Google Project page: qlikview-components – A script library for Qlikview development – Google Project Hosting.

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